2Bs Activewear has over 25 years experience in the fitness industry. Our employees are comprised of fitness and exercise professionals who know a thing or two about working out. 

Our exclusive line of women's activewear has been developed and designed for comfort, performance and versatility.  


2Bs Activewear's mission is to bridge the gap between fitness apparel and fashion.  Our whimsical, vibrant prints, with beautiful eye popping colors will boost the confidence of any woman inspiring her to feel and look beautiful.


2B's desire to inspire is what initiated the development of this sophisticated collection of durable high quality activewear.







Who is 2B's Activewear? 

She is passionate about fitness

She runs marathons.

She is not afraid to take risks.

She lifts iron.

She is sensitive.

She is beautiful.

I am, Beverly Brown 



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